Born on 1 December 1999, it is made up of experts Digit electronic designers firmly united by their passion for music and with decades of experience in the professional video and audio.

Our strong point is the technical assistance provided is in the form of consulting, design, repair, installation and user training. Backed by a professional with a long-established industry experience, we intervene whenever the user needs to have systems for multimedia applications to 360 degrees; from the audio video distribution in the home, or on boats, to the acoustic requirements and multimedia facilities such as stadiums, resorts, theaters, commercial, concerts and any other application where audio and video communication face master.

Stylistically we integrate our systems to the context that is proposed for an excellent harmonization with the environment inside or outside it. To this end, we work closely with architects of the customer or by our designers, so the technology integrates seamlessly with the functionality and style.

Always pleased with the positive feedback we have collected over the years, we update every day our proposed technologies, confident that our efforts will be reason for satisfaction for our customers.