On site Technical support
Our customers already know that assistance is what makes the difference, in fact, act swiftly on site whenever there is demand, putting the customer in a position to carry on the business of entertainment with audio-video equipment replacement lowering minimum disruption.

Our support services are also provided in the form of customer training, maintenance and calibration by remote.
Multimedia Automation
The integration of the systems, made indispensable in situations increasing, was the subject of our efforts in recent years.

In fact, we have developed and tested control systems overall for all audio-video equipment, now also extended to all the automatic devices in the home, commercial and naval (lights, climate, surveillance and engines). In this regard we cooperate with architects appointed by our customers to achieve excellent results in terms of stylistic integration.
Evacuation sound projects EVAC EN54
We can provide "turnkey" audio / video entertainment, conference service / commercial and evacuation sound EN54 compliant.

With completion of the various steps required:
  • Cad Design and simulation
  • On site verification
  • Sound measurements and intelligibility of the field
  • Support to the electrical designer
  • Site support to your installer
  • Development of the system
  • Certification EN54 final.
Supplies products
The professionalism of our technicians will be on hand to operate properly in the selection of equipment and accessories that make up your system.
From site preparation to the calibration of the system, we coordinate all aspects of the installation process, to provide the promised result.
Repair Laboratory
Our home has a modern electronic laboratory with sophisticated equipment for repairs, tests and inspections.

In the event of faults or anomalies we provide technical support quickly and directly.
We assist professional audio video equipment / musical instruments of all brands.
Acoustic designs
Our design studio develops sophisticated software with the prediction of the noise climate even before installing a sound system, thus showing the user what will be the result of an installation.
We can provide "turnkey" systems audio / video applications for entertainment and professional services (conference rooms - commercial centers)

With completion of the various steps required:
  • Cad Design and simulation
  • Sound measurements and intelligibility of the field
  • Support to the electrical designer
  • On Site support. To your installer
  • Development of the system
  • Final certification. Training of customer goodwill
Nautical Projects
Professional audio-video systems for marine applications - entertainment on board
We design and produce audio / video centralized, using futuristic technology digital remotable and completely controllable by Smartphone.

Our expertise:
  • SUPPORT during the construction or refitting: to prepare the placement and wiring
  • SUPPLIES PRODUCT: audio-video equipment and accessories - control systems
  • INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONS: operated side by side electrician board or independently
  • AFTER SALES - REPAIRS in the pipeline and in water
  • CUSTOM PROJECTS OF STYLISTIC – Develop the technical of your ideas or guidelines
We can perform acoustic measurements of sound pressure, spectrographic and appearance of regulatory assessments with the preparation and certification of acoustic requirements of the installation.

Design and engineering supply
Our professionals are technical experts qualified also technical consultant for legal and insurance already being official technical consultant of the Court and we are registered on RNPA